Welcome All!

Each year, Veterans Day is celebrated across the country to honor US Veterans and victims of all wars. Cumberland County Veterans Council requests your presence in this year’s Veterans Day Parade to celebrate this memorable event. Please read the important information provided below PRIOR to completing the application process for this year’s Veterans Day Parade.
You can submit an application online here –



  • All children are required to have adult supervision.
  • Place ALL trash inside proper trash cans located around the parade areas.
  • Shut off all vehicles once your organization has reached its appropriate staging area.
  • Stay with your organization (or close by) to ensure you do not miss your movement times.
  • Throwing paraphernalia/candy, etc. is NOT allowed; walking participants ONLY are allowed to safely hand out items.
  • Each staging area is numbered and allocated to a specific organization. Please DO NOT move to another area unless directed by the CCVC Senior Vice President or Event Staff.
  • At all times please remain respectful of others and listen to volunteers as they try to assist you to your appointed staging area.


  • Due to the amount of participation, your organization’s designated timeframe is VERY IMPORTANT. Please plan to assemble your group at an off-site location before moving to the staging area. Please arrive TOGETHER and ON TIME!
  • The 2023 Parade Vehicle Limitation has been set to 6 Automobiles or 9 Motorcycles per organization.
  • After you have successfully completed your application, further details for driver information will be requested and must be submitted no later than 21 October 2023. When requested, each driver must provide: Driver’s Name, Driver’s License, and vehicle information (registration) for each vehicle.

NOTE: No substitute drivers will be allowed on parade day unless approved by the CCVC Senior Vice President.

  • All horses and other livestock must remain together in the rear of the parade and have their own clean-up crews.
  • There is NO ADDITIONAL PARKING available in the staging area and parking in the downtown area is available first come, first served.
  • Please DO NOT share this Parade Application Webpage. Each organization must contact us directly via email at to ensure their entry is properly recorded. Unsolicited applications may be deleted without a response.
  • Instructions for staging areas and arrival timeframes will be sent on 28 October 2023 to organizations with completed and approved applications