Line-Up Instructions

Download 2019 Parade Letter Line Up Instructions

DATE & TIME: The parade begins this year at 10 AM on Saturday, November 9th. The lineup for the parade begins at 8:30 AM. NO ONE IS ALLOWED INTO THE LINE-UP PARADE AREA PRIOR TO 8:30 AM. Participants must be in line no later than 9:15 AM. LATE ARRIVALS CAN NOT BE PERMITTED INTO THE LINEUP AREA FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. No entries will be accepted into the parade that have not previously completed an entry form, received this letter and been assigned a number. If you are not familiar with the assembly area, please visit the area or RECON prior to the parade date.

ROUTE: The parade route begins at the intersection of Hay Street where Bragg Blvd and Robeson Street meet, proceeds down Hay Street around the Market House, and ends on Cool Spring Street. The reviewing stand will be at Hay Street and Ray Ave. At the end of the parade units awaiting transportation will turn right on Cool Spring Street and enter the Cumberland County Court House parking lot.

LINE-UP: Please place your line-up number on your vehicle’s windshield, visible to parade officials. If marching, unit leader will show the number to the parade line-up officials. Parade entries marching will not have vehicles following them in the parade unless the vehicle has been accepted as an entry. Do not change line-up positions. Master of Ceremony narratives and TV coverage will be announced in line-up order.

LINE-UP AREA: For most units the LINE-UP ENTRY is at the intersection of Hay Street at Woodside and Bradford Streets. Entry to this area should come from the MLK Blvd., Morganton to Hay, Branson or West Rowan Streets. DO NOT BLOCK ANY STREET. Participants will be checked in to ensure the same number of vehicles are present than what is listed on your application. We WILL NOT allow more than 30 motorcycles per entry or more than 6 full size vehicles per entry. Please obey Police and Parade Officials. All HIGH SCHOOL ROTC marching units should unload on Walter Street and assemble there. After unloading passengers, all pickup vehicles should immediately proceed to the courthouse parking lot to wait for their riders. Do not attempt to enter the Hay Street staging area from Bragg Blvd or Robeson Street. Leave the center lanes on Hay Street, Robeson Street and Bragg Blvd open at all times for safety and security. Multiple entries should parallel park and stage as close to the curbs as possible. A NUMBERED CONE WILL DESIGNATE YOUR STAGING SPOT.


All high school and college marching band entries will line-up next to the right curb on Bragg Blvd facing Hay Street. All bands will enter the line-up area from the Bragg Blvd/Rowan Street Bridge intersection. Band buses and trucks should quickly drop off their people and equipment and proceed to the courthouse parking lot. Army entries will line up next to the left curb on Bragg Blvd adjacent to the Airborne and Special Operations Museum facing Hay Street.

Air Force and USASOC units should enter parade line up area at the Robeson/Franklin Street intersection and will line-up on both sides of Robeson Streets facing Hay Street.


PICK UP: Parade participants should be picked up at the Courthouse parking lot at Cool Springs and Person Streets. Mobile units may turn off there and proceed home.

Portalets: Portable toilets will be set up in the parade assembly area and behind the reviewing stand. Also, restrooms are at Freedom Memorial Park.

Food, drinks and comfort items are the sole responsibility of each participating organization.

Marching Bands must not stop or delay the parade. Drill teams and motorized carts can do unit maneuvers ONLY if they keep pace with the parade. Marching Bands are requested to play March style music that allows for other marching units to keep in step. Bands are requested to hold down music volume during assembly because of hand-held radios used by police, fire safety and parade officials. Motorcycles shall not rev engines in front of reviewing stand. Please heed this request. Also, tossing candy or any other items to spectators is prohibited but you may hand it out courteously.

For those who are riding on any professional float, please arrive for the parade at the corner of Robeson Street and Franklin Street. Those floats will be located on Robeson Street.

Organizations are encouraged to use open vehicles, trailers and convertibles so their riders can be seen and identified while moving down the parade route. Your careful attention to this information and cooperation is earnestly requested as we are trying to assemble many diversified units, heavy military equipment, unique vehicles and nearly 2,000 people into the right place at the right time.

If you must withdraw after having applied for entry into the parade, please notify us immediately. Please email us at or call Penny Cacoulidis at

910-200-7242. If you still have questions after reading this, please contact me immediately at the above contacts.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and assistance with all of this. We look forward to seeing you early on Saturday, November 9th. On Parade Day please seek out any designated Parade Official who will be on site to answer your questions, they are those people wearing Parade Vests.